Jun 7, 2010

Baby healthy, Luke has 5th disease

Not much to report thankfully.  Luke and Manny went to the doctor today.  She wants to see Manny every 1-2 weeks just so we can stay on top of monitoring any problems early.  He looks GREAT! 

Luke, on the other hand, has a head to toe rash.  It started as a small (quarter sized) patch on his cheek.  By today, it's all over his face, down both arms, headed down his chest and on both legs.  I love Go*gle because I was able to self-diagnose it via the photos.  Fifth disease.  The good news is that it is very mild and has very few complications ... even to the baby.  Phew!  AND by the time the rash shows up, you are no longer contagious.  We got the fever and itching under control so he will be able to go back to school tomorrow.  (2 1/2 days to go).

Meanwhile, the doc is helping me work on getting equipment for Manny. Like handicap parking sticker (we got one today!! Soooo nice and handy.)  Soon he is going to outgrow his infant car seat and we are going to need to keep him rear facing.  But he has absolutely NO head control so we are going to need some kind of adaptation.  Most car seats have side control available now but nothing to prevent his head from slumping forward.  She's also working on some kind of bedding alternatives so I don't have to wake up and rotate him every 2 hours or so. 

We then went to the wheelchair store.  For now, I'm perfectly happy with him in a stroller not a wheelchair.  But I needed an adaptation to be able to carry his oxygen tank.  That will be a LOT easier than trying to push the stroller while pulling the oxygen tank.

So we're crankin' along.  Thankful that Manny is holding his own these days.  Learning to laugh hard. 


  1. LOVE, L-O-V-E, *LOVE* the top photo. Keep up the good work, MamaBeth. We are all rootin' and prayin' for Little Man(ny).

  2. The pictures are great! It is nice to have a helpful doctor. Would reclining a rear facing car seat help any? It is hard to find adapted equipment, maybee the physical therapist could come up wih something.

  3. Try the Graco MyRide 65 carseat. It has a great deep recline rear-facing and tons of support for babies with little (or no) muscle tone. Make sure it is recline to 45* like it would be for a newborn and that should keep his head from flopping forward.
    Renee (adoptive mom and child passenger safety technician/special needs trained)