Jun 24, 2010

Project for those who love Manny

Balloons.  Manny LOVES balloons.  Maybe it's because all kids do.  Maybe because they're light and easy to hold.  Or maybe it's because they can float around with no assistance at all. 

Saturday is Manny's first birthday.  And unless God intervenes in a quick, speedy, miraculous way (which is what we're praying for), this could be his only one.  And it's a miracle that he'll make it to that birthday at all. 
I've been asking for ideas for ways people across the country and across the world can participate in Manny's birthday.  And I finally got an idea that I love!  I hope you love it too.  

Balloons.  They're cheap and easy.  (We even got 100 for $1.)  So anyone can participate if they would like to.  We're hoping a lot of you will participate ... and even send the idea to your friends so they can join in as well. 

So here's the project.  Get a balloon (or several) and find a cool way to express yourself with them.  Like you could take one, write a blessing, prayer or scripture on it and release it.  Or just say one as you release it.  You could dress up in balloons.  You could create balloon animals.  Be creative.  Be meaningful.  Whatever you choose.

But the key is ... if you do this, please take a picture or video of it and send it (or the link) to us.  If you say a prayer, blessing or wish for him, please write it and send it to us.   (goredan @ hotmail.com)  

We will put them all in a collection for him.  

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!   



  1. Count us IN!
    Sending you lots of love from Colorado.
    Holly and Crew

  2. We're in....you know I'm not good at the internet and pictures...but we're in!!!

  3. yes, yes, yes...... and I love this song! The first one by John Denver.