Jun 20, 2010

We're OUTTA Here!

Doc just left and said the labs look decent.  His CRP (an infection indicator) has gone down.  It should be less than .5 and his original one was almost 3.  But now it's around 2 so it's headed in the right direction.

His wound site looks amazing!  So happy with that. 

He tolerated his feeds well all night long so that's great too. 

The rash is continuing to spread all over his body.  I was concerned that it might be a drug allergy.  (If any of you have been following me a long time, you'll remember I have HORRIBLE drug allergy reactions to antibiotics so when his popped up, it came to mind.)  But the Doc who came by in the middle of the night didn't feel it was.  Phew!  She thought it was just part of the staph and cellulitis. 

And his skin is like paper now.  It's so hard to pick him up lest you leave a mark on him. 

They cultured his wound and found it to be a staph.  But during the night last night, it started growing something else as well.  So he has TWO infections.  The antibiotic he's on is clearly working but it's only in an IV form.  So she is having the lab test which oral meds kill BOTH of these infections.  She said that will take several hours.  So we'll likely go home late afternoon. 

Can't believe I'm typing those words! We're going home.  Waaay earlier than anyone expected.  At one point, it was so bad they were using the words "Life threatening".  For whatever reason, I just didn't *feel* like this was going to take him out.  I know all the prayers were going up and I had a peace that he would recover.  (But of course there were also moments of aaaaaaauuuuuggggghhhh!)

So on this Father's Day.  I have 3 Fathers I would like to pay tribute to.  My earthy Father, Ben, AKA "Papa" is a kind, loving, wise, generous man.  I still can go to him for anything and he is there for me. 

My husband and father of our 6 kids, Dan, AKA "Daddy" is a warm, loving, compassionate man.  He has been holding down the fort at home with the other 5 so I could be here with Manny.  He is a wonderful soulmate.

My heavenly Father, AKA "Abba" is a powerful, loving Healer who has granted me with all the blessings of my life - including my kids.  And He has seen fit to let us spend just a little more time with our newest blessing, Manny. 

I am most blessed. 


  1. I say, "Amen". (deep feelings of contentment spreading through my soul)

    Thank you, Lord.

  2. I love that look he is giving you in this picture. It looks like "what are you up to now?" lol Thanking God for your good news this morning.