Jun 18, 2010

Thursday Overnight update

Overnight update:  The most awesome news is ... he had NO breathing issues.  He didn't choke once.  He didn't do ANY retching.  So his oxygen levels stayed high all night.  That is a huge praise report.  (Just ask Dan how awesome that is ... he was up with me for much of it on Wednesday night and the sheer terror that was.) 

His g tube site looks much, much worse.  So if your stomach couldn't handle the picture I posted yesteray, then you would never make one I posted today.  (So I won't post it.)  But suffice to say, it' now missing most of it's skin and is outright oozing blood.  And it's bigger. 

He got IV antibiotics last night - every 6 hours.  But they don't know what it is yet.  They ran a lot of tests and just told me they will need to run some more. 

Meanwhile, he cannot eat until they figure this out so he's been "fasting" for 24 hours.  Yes, he's getting fluids so he's not dehydrated.  BUT, he's hungry.  And he's getting weak quickly.  Hoping they figure this out soon so he can eat again. 

Then he now has a raw spot on his ear - who knows where that is from.  AND he has a patch of skin missing where the tape was holding his canula on last night.  He must have paper skin. 

The last issue (For now) is that he is not producing much urine.  Not sure why.  This is new.  They are concerned. 

Thanks for the prayers.


  1. Crying. Praying. For Manny. For you.

  2. Coming over via Ohilda. Praying in Texas for your precious Manny, and for all who love him dearly-- especially his mama. May the Lord hold you all closely in His embrace, and may He bring a miracle for Manny.