Jun 3, 2010

Surgery tomorrow ... and a haircut

Manny has some minor surgery tomorrow.  He has a gtube (feeding tube) they placed on March 17 (before we got him) and it's time to switch it out to a "button".  The initial tube was inserted via an incision in his abdomen and they will remove it by going down his throat.  Should be a quick and relatively uncomplicated surgery.  They will then insert a new type into the hole where the tube was sticking out. 

This is important to do because if something happened to his current tube, it would be emergency surgery and they have about 4 hours max to get a new one in.  But once this is switched out, we can replace future ones at home.  So it's actually a bit safer. 

These procedures are typically done as an outpatient procedure.  And they expect that he can handle it well too.  He did well with anesthesia before so he should be fine again.  But if they have any doubts (due to his current diagnosis/symptoms/condition), they will keep him overnight.  They THINK we'll get to go home though. 

His procedure is scheduled to start at 7:30 am EST.  So if you're the praying type, throw one up for sweet Manny. 

On a completely different note, Zoe (who just turned 5) decided she wanted her hair cut to go along with her new earrings.  She wanted a very short bob and I couldn't handle that as I want to be able to put it up in a pony tail.  (That girl can sweat!)  So we compromised.  It was such an easy cut that I could have easily done it but she wanted the whole experience. 

So I found this little shop and wouldn't you know it, once we got inside, it was run by Chinese ladies.   They thought she was adorable and she sat like a little statue.  Everyone in the salon got a kick out of her. 

And ever since her haircut, she can't stop playing with her new look.  Just in time for her last day of school tomorrow.  And pictures over the weekend. 

Aren't kids grand?

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