Jun 15, 2010

Busch Gardens fun

We live in Tampa so Busch Gardens is right here.  We've always had season passes and for some reason, we've let it slip the past couple of years.  Now that we're on Summer vacation, the kids were begging me to take them. 

So I did. 

Yes.  Me.  Alone.  With 6 kids. 

The trickiest part was the oxygen tank.  This thing is massive.  I bought one of those bags that you slip it in and you can affix it to a stroller or wheelchair.  Great! 

Problem is ... it weighs a lot more than he does so it's not balanced and the thing kept trying to fall over backwards all day.  It was the first time I'd used it so I didn't know until it was too late so we made the best of it.  But I need to rethink this for sure. 

Baby couldn't ride any rides of course but he loved the sights and sounds and just hangin' out. 

It was a great day!


  1. Makes my heart smile...nah, SING to see this. Good job, Mama. Making memories. Storing up treasures in heaven.

  2. How about a double stroller, jogger style, so Manny and the tank can ride side by side? It also a great spot to put "stuff" you don't want to carry. Looks like a great day, I haven't been in years but no way could I it do in this heat - you amaze me woman!!!

  3. Beth so happy you all had a wonderful day.. Spending time with the kids is the best gift ever that a mom can ask for... You truly are an inspiration.. Love you and think you are wonderful....

  4. Ohhh go away, Viagra spam peddler. This is a family show. :-P

    LOVE the pics, Beth, you crazy woman you. The one of M and Kaley on the hippo is just tops.

  5. Hi i'm Sherri - first time for me visiting your blog. I found you on my friend Ohilda's blog..her sister and I are friends and are waiting for our little one from China. We live in Punta Gorda, and yet for the past few years let our passes expire. I'm crazy about Bush Gardens and can't wait to go back. YOu have a beautiful family who knows maybe one day we're run in to each other at the park!! I'm so sorry to hear about Manny..he is in our Prayers!!