Jun 28, 2010

Balloon Thoughts

I am still overwhelmed by the outpouring of love to Manny via balloons!  We're figuring out a way to collect and share bits of all the celebrations held throughout the world for him.   Stay tuned.

I'm also overwhelmed that people are giving money for his adoption.  Out of 6 adoptions, this is the first time we've asked for money in any way but under the circumstances, we've asked to speed up the adoption and that means we've sped up the timeline of when money is due.  So thanks to those who have chipped in (on line, in person and via check).  Truly blessed.

Regarding the balloon releasing, three of the highlights that came to surface through the experience are:

1) A memory.  When I was 12, we "fostered" a little boy named Mark.  He was 18 months when this happened.  One night while out shopping, he saw what he thought was a balloon and asked for it.  (It was a sign.) Then in the store, it was full of "sale" balloons ... but none for sale.  He again asked for balloons.  We looked everywhere to buy him one but couldn't find one so we told him we'd find one when we could.  We left the store and saw 4 balloons floating way, way far in the distance.  He again shouted, "Balloon!!"  And of course we couldn't get those either!  But now we were on a mission to get that baby a balloon. 

We got loaded into the car, and started onto the freeway (in Los Angeles ... so very, very busy) and RIGHT in front of us ... I know it's hard to believe ... but those balloons floated right down.  Right in front of our car.  Seriously!  The tail wrapped lightly around a sprinkler head.  Dad slowed the car, Mom leaned out the passenger door and was able to reach them from the car.  Brought them into the car. 

We were so freaked out I seriously expected there to be a note that read, "Dear Mark.  Here are your balloons.  God."  This baby played with these balloons for over a week.  They never went down.  He then had to go to his other family.   The next day, the balloons were completely deflated.  

Completely true story. 

I've wondered over the years about those balloons. 

So as we released our balloons yesterday, I wondered where ours would end up.  Maybe OURS would be an answer to a prayer too.  Our God is big like that. 

2)  People we've never met are showing us how much they love us and Manny all across the globe.  I'm amazed at the collection of people God has put in my path.  I think of the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" and the line about being rich because he had friends.  Well, if that's the mark of riches, then I am a Queen.  I have amazing, Godly, giving, generous, funny, talented, gifted friends.

3) During one balloon release, there was a storm approaching.  Just as the balloons were released, they noticed a rainbow in the middle of the storm.  For those who know me, I'm the "metaphor queen" so I found that particularly inspiring!

3)  Several people mentioned having to start over with one or more balloons as one would pop.  (Even one of ours did ... seems to happen when a 7 year old boy puts a plastic knife on it. LOL)  But it made me think ... that's the nature of balloons.  AND life.  In a moment, it's just gone.  And thus a fitting tribute on so many levels.

Thanks for those who have participated.  If you didn't get a chance to but would like to, there's still time.

Love to all,

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