Jun 8, 2010

Pulmonologist gives the all clear

Manny went to the Pulmonologist today.  We got this team of doctors when we were in the Hospital and we "lucked out" as they are great.  They know what they're doing but they also have good bedside manner. 

This is important as the condition they diagnosed Manny with often involves respiratory distress. They are experienced in seeing and preventing decline as long as possible.

So today, they wanted to see how Manny was on some of the basic allergens.  Trees, grasses, molds, mites, dogs, cats, roaches, milk, eggs, wheat, etc.  And I figured he would fail miserably.     But the shocking news was ... he wasn't allergic to ANYTHING.  This boy apparently has a pretty good immune system!  Praise God. 

Then he listened to his lungs and was happily surprised that he sounds completely clear!  We will have a follow up in 2 months. 

So we are thrilled to be continuing the "good news" reports!!


  1. Great news. Love you sweet darling boy!! You are so adorable. I wish I could squeeze you!

  2. WONDERFUL NEWS!! Couldn't be any better. Praising God for the little bit of heaven on earth than is known as Manny.