Jun 2, 2010

Q. About Alternative Medicine

I have had the question come up quite often about if we would consider alternative therapy. 

Most of you know me quite well but many do not so I'll share some background.  I am Christian and grew up in a wonderful Christian home.  We were blessed to be in a church that believed in miracles and I eye-witnessed many.  We also grew up believing in eating healthily and doing alternative type treatments.  It's all part of the process. 

With Manny ... we've brought in all the prayer warriors to ask for Divine healing.  We're trying to make sure he gets proper nutrition.  And today, we started working on some "alternative" type treatments.  That would include acidopholus, amino acids, enzymes, etc.  We contacted a Doctor in Michigan who has helped us many times in the past and he's sending it out tomorrow.

So yes, we're exploring every option we know. 

Thanks for all the emails, comments, calls, cards, gifts and prayers!  We are so blessed. 

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