Jun 19, 2010

The gang's all here

It's amazing what a little visit can do for one's spirit.  Dan brought the kids to see Manny and me.  I love the heart of children so pure and so innocent. 

Manny just lit up when they came.  They are a lot of fun, high energy and very entertaining (unlike Mama).  So I think these hospital days are a little bit quiet for him.  They came with toys and movies and things for him to do.  They came asking lots of questions about the owie on his head, the owie on his tummy, the new owies on his face.  They're quite used to all the tubes ... he has almost as many tubes at home every night ... they only have the IV extra from what we usually have. 

Daddy picked him up and when it was time to set him down, he fussed.  So Daddy did what all good daddys do ... he held him some more. 

His feeds - 10 cc per hour for 3 hours.  Went well.  So they did the 30 cc per hour for 3 hours.  Went well.  No leaking!  So they will do his over night "usual" feed tonight.  Hoping there are no complications.   Oh, and he pooped.  I know that's not a typical thing to put in a blog ... but hey ... it was a thing some of you were praying about specifically so you need to know your prayers worked.  His tummy looks a lot less distended. 

His fever is still going up but is low grade still.  I don't think they'll let him go home with a fever. 

And finally, just a few minutes ago, I was looking at his wound to see how it's looking. And low and behold ... it's AMAZING!  It's beyond belief looking good.  I've posted the pictures for comparison.  The first one is what it looked like the moment we arrived at the hospital on Thursday.  The second one was taken about 5:30pm Saturday.  Yippee!  (And of course you all remember the picture in between where it got even worse so no need to post that.)

don't tell anyone ... but there's a slight chance we could go home TOMORROW if this keeps looking good and if he sleeps tonight!

I feel so blessed to be a part of a community of believers. 

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  1. Wow, look at the improvement in Manny's wound.

    THANK YOU Lord for healing! Thank You for drips of food back into Manny's belly, thank You for happy visits from daddy, and brothers and sisters! Thank you Lord for holding Manny and his mama close. Thank you Lord!

    Continuing to pray~