Jun 19, 2010

Positive news ... I'll take it

He cried and cried.  He couldn't be comforted.  No position helped. No distractions helped. He was in pain.  And sadly, he can't tell us or show us where it hurts. 

For hours we did this.  I rocked him. I bounced him. I sang to him. I put him in the swing.  I turned on the music.  I walked around with him.  I eventually ran out of ideas and energy. 

This is so not like him.  He is the happiest, easiest baby in the world.  He hasn't fussed once over the gtube infection for example.  He still flirts and coos and talks with the nurses.  Until last night. 

Eventually, between the tylenol and the sheer exhaustion, he collapsed about 4am.  By 6am, the lights were on and the GI nurse practioner was probing him and asking me if it looked better.  I drug my tired self out of bed, pryed my eyes open and put on my glasses. 

And to my surprise .. it looked all crusty and scab like.  Definitely better than the peeling, oozing thing that's been happening.  So I guess it was worth being awakened after less than 2 hours of sleep. 

The only thing we can figure about the pain is this is a cycle thing.  His tube leaked and caused an infection.  They stopped the feeds.  So he's hungry.  And he's not pooping.  Gas builds up and makes his tummy distended and that puts pressure on the gtube site and the wound.  So it's a catch 22. 

BUT ... because it's looking better and because there was no absess at the site, they started him on feeds about 10:30 am.  His normal feed is 200 cc per half hour.  They have him on 5 per hour.  So a SLOOOW drip.  Just to see if he's leaking still.  If not, after 3 hours they'll increase and observe again.  If it is leaking, they'll take him to xray to see where the leak is and what can be done. 

They are starting to say if x,y and z all happen, we can go home eventually.  I love the sound of that.  When they start talking that way, it's GOOD news.

As I type, he's feeling peaceful again and drifted off to sleep, comforted by the drip into his tummy.  So that makes Mama all better too. 

You guys are all amazing prayer warriors.  We know you are holding us all up in prayer.

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    I could weep with relief, if I wasn't in public at Panera. Thanks be to God. I pray both of you get some much needed rest.